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Homemade Luxardo Cherries

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  • Fresh Ohio sour cherries, pitted
  • Simple syrup
  • Luxardo liqueur
  • Cinnamon stick
  • Spiced cherry bitters
  • Star anise


  1. Prepare the Cherries:
    • Start by thoroughly washing and pitting your fresh Ohio sour cherries. Ensure all stems and pits are removed.
  2. Create the Syrup Mixture:
    • In a saucepan, combine equal parts water and sugar to create a simple syrup. Heat gently, stirring until the sugar fully dissolves.
    • Add a generous pour of Luxardo liqueur to infuse the syrup with its distinctive marasca cherry flavor.
    • Drop in a cinnamon stick and a star anise pod to introduce warm, spicy notes.
    • Add a few dashes of spiced cherry bitters for depth and complexity.
  3. Cook the Cherries:
    • Place the prepared cherries into the syrup mixture.
    • Heat the mixture over low heat just until the cherries are heated through and tender but not falling apart. This gentle process helps preserve the cherries’ shape and texture.
    • Allow the cherries to simmer gently to absorb the flavors without bringing them to a boil, which could make them mushy.
  4. Can the Cherries:
    • Sterilize your canning jars and lids according to proper canning guidelines.
    • Once the cherries are infused, carefully ladle them into the sterilized jars, ensuring even distribution of cherries and syrup.
    • Seal the jars while the mixture is still hot, and process them in a water bath to ensure a proper seal for storage.
  5. Store:
    • Store the canned cherries in a cool, dark place. They will continue to infuse and develop flavor over time.


Alternatively, you can use any blend of Luxardo, Bourbon, Brandy, etc.

  • Author: Lucas Krammes
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